Train, Boating & Aviation Accidents

With our specialist qualifications in both shipping and personal injury law, we are perfectly positioned to assist you with claims arising from boating and shipping accidents.

We regularly read in the papers about commuters being injured by trains. Such injuries occur in numerous instances and include:

  • People who are pushed from or attacked on trains
  • People who fall from moving trains due to defective doors
  • People crossing railway lines where fences have been broken and left un-repaired
  • People being assaulted by railway officials
  • People injuring themselves at railway stations
  • People becoming injured when trying to get onto or off overcrowded trains
  • Trains departing from platforms whilst commuters are still attempting to board
  • Vehicles being struck by trains at unprotected railway crossings

These claims require thorough investigation and inspection of the scene of the injury, as they are invariably defended and require a court’s final decision. Proper preparation for a case is central to your success.
Our thorough approach to litigation will ensure a high success rate in claims of this nature.

Beware of the time limits. In both maritime and aviation claims, you only have a right to recourse two year’s after the accident has taken place. Consult us as early as possible.

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