Claims Process

The claims process can be painless if you get the right help quickly.
As every personal injury claim has a timeframe in which to complete the process, it is best to start sooner rather than later.


Get in touch with us by calling our office, sending us an email sending us an email or via the contact form on our website. Through a short conversation, we will assess the nature of your claim and set up a meeting with the right attorney.

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We will meet with you to discuss every aspect of your claim in person. Through hearing your story first-hand, we will deduce what evidence and expert advice is required to make a successful claim.

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A successful personal injury claim tells the story of your suffering through clear documentation. This includes statements from witnesses as well as statements from experts. The area of personal injury law has many complexities, so we draw on a trusted network of medical and other experts who have deep knowledge in the field of your claim.

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We will only submit your claim when we are confident that it has the best chance of success possible

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Integrity is about how we pursue excellence. We cannot be excellent without honesty, respect for others, commitment to community and dedication to the administration of justice.

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